Friday, September 24, 2010

so, what happens to young punks?

Well, if they don't die of drugs, disease or exposure to the elements...
they turn into old punks...angry, middle-aged people who are either healing from their emotional wounds of their youth or pouring salt on them.
It sounds like a lot of people I know, even people who were ahem, square as all get out when I was a kid,  would really identify with The Victims latest album "Take It As It Comes," featuring songs with titles like, "Wasted Youth," "Just Another Yesterday" and "Behind the Times."

Here's Wasted Youth live:

Live concert footage usually has muffled vocals. At the beginning of the song, the singer is telling his own story...

Kid is gone without a trace
Look in the mirror--
don't know my face
In '68 turned 17,
the year I first got laid
Turn the page, another day, 
another hair turning gray

another song another  lie another day I didn't die
another mother breathes a sigh

but by the end of the song...
he's singing about those kids today

Three kids are sittin' on the fence
Three I can't find in present tense
don't feel compelled to go out lookin' for the  truth
Another case of wasted youth

The rest of the song is just as fast, fun and relevant. I recommend this album.

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