Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Dollyrots at The Fillmore at Irving Plaza 05-13-10

The Dollyrotsopened for the Buzzcocks on 5-13-10. Left to right, Chris Black on straight ahead rock drums, Kelly Ogden little girl voice and bass, and Luis Cabezas on pretty face and punk guitar. The Buzzcocks gave them nicknames--Blackie, Jelly, and Moose.

The Dollyrots were all original, fairly fun, and good with their instruments. The audience was unsure at first, but the band had a lot of energy. The singer tried to get New Yorkers to raise pump their fists in the air to the beat at one point. Good luck with that, Kelly. About 30% of the crowd did it. I am pretty sure they were from Jersey. I was unsure about her myself until she sang "Fight like Jackie Chan." Then I knew that even though I am not wild about little girl voices, she and I were from the same planet.

By the time they finished off with "Bad Reputation," the crowd was going crazy. I'd go see them again.


  1. When will musicians show some love for Sonny Chiba?

  2. hahaha! Apparently, not soon enough!