Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friend Marc Campbell Today If You Are Not An Asshole

I just quit Facebook. Probably because I had too many of the wrong kind of friends.
The only regret in my facebook-free life is leaving behind fb friend Marc Campbell, formerly of The Nails (88 Lines About 44 Women).

I miss Marc not only for his irreverent and poetic status updates, but also for the many videos and songs he posts all day and all night long.

Here is one I can't stop watching:

He also posts some of his newer work:

He has also posted hilarious anti-drug propaganda video from the '60s, great movie clips from around the world, and crazy right-wing crappist videos we can all make fun of.

Marc will friend you because he is a musician, and has to promote his new album, "Tantric Machine." It's fantastic, interesting rock, without that whiney, indie sound. It is set to release this summer.

The only caveat to friending Marc Campbell is that he drops assholes and wimps even faster than he drops beats.

Marc Campbell also has a youtube channel:

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  1. Thankyou Suki. You're a sweetheart. I'll miss you on Facebook.