Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Punk Island 2011 Preview for June 19 2011--MAIN STAGE LINE-UP

The good news is that the Punk Island festival on Governor's Island has been posted! There are 8 stages! The bad news is that there is no map yet.  They claim that there will be a map, online and on the island. If we judge by last year, no one will be able to find the map, and there will be lost bands!

But here is the line-up for the main stage. I will post some videos of the bands.   I'll post the other stages' line-ups on different blog posts so all the videos don't slow the pages.

Stage 1: Main Stage
Zounds (by the Gods I hope these are the people from 1981!!! If so, here they are. If not, well...it's some people who didn't check to see if their band name was used already.)

--Not found

Stizza Crack (solo set)
--It's a solo act.

--Curiously./ a lot of bands are called "Agitator" or "The Agitators."  I will not post until I know which is actually playing.

The Homewreckers

Mongrel Bitch

Yula and the Extended Family

Zero ContentUrgent Fury
--Not found, under either name or both names together.

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