Friday, June 11, 2010

Action Packed

When I was first introduced to Ronnie Dawson (1939-2003), the Blond Bomber, the Man Who Wouldabin Elvis, if Elvis just hadn't been, I was awed. And then I was shocked by what was politically correct in 1955.

I think the best lyrics are from "Congratulations to Me"

...for I'm a lucky man
my baby she loves me
got her ring upon her hand
when it comes to lovin'
baby knows what to do---
and she's a sassy lassy
But man she can COOK TOO--OOO

Lyrics from "I make the love" sounds like Ronnie read his fair share of issues of Cad Magazine.

At least "I Make the Love" was honest.

What really won me over to Ronnie Dawson though, other than Ghost Riders in the Sky, and Rockin Bones, and Everybody Clap Your Hands (which every bar band should learn TODAY) was Action Packed. Of course, coming from comics, I am going to love pretty much any song with the words "action packed" in the title or lyrics.

This song made my hips move almost like Sheree there. Plus it embodies my entire philosophy of life. "no squares better tag along..."


  1. Ha! Love it!

    I first heard Dawson around 1985 during my third year of college, a period where I gave up on the radio for good and delved deeply into the old school stuff that I would not hear on oldies stations like CBS 101. I particularly remember playing "Action Packed" on a Saturday afternoon in my basement dorm room while completely zooted on some killer Hawaiian buds when one of my neighbors stuck his head into my suite to complain, not about the great gaseous clouds of pot smoke, but about what he termed "that shitty hillbilly music." This moron incessantly listened to virtually nothing but Shriekback and the Cure, and he had the gall to bitch me out! The crowning moment of his prissy diatribe came when he summed up with, "And I thought you black guys were supposed to like funk and that rap music stuff!" I chased him out of my suite and down the hall, brandishing my bong like some particularly smelly firehouse, flicking its fetid and stick bongwater all over the guy's brand new bright pink MIAMI VICE logo t-shirt and I felt not one lick of guilt.

  2. That should read "sticky," not "stick."

  3. Hahahaha yay! I hate The Cure...

  4. I also despise the Cure, but I do love the song "I Dig You," that they recorded under the alias of Cult Hero. Simplicity itself and intentionally silly — as opposed to their usual unintentionally laughable and fey crap — the entire lyrics of "I Dig You" are as follows:

    I dig you
    You dig me
    I dig you
    You dig me
    We dig each other
    That's groovy
    Oh yeah

    It' sung in a Cockney accent and backed with a purposely silly-sounding high-pitched chorus that echoes the "That's groovy oh yeah" part. Great stuff!!!