Thursday, June 24, 2010

LOST ON PUNK ISLAND: Surrounded by Pirates!

After awesome ska experience of The Snails, I thought about seeing what the rest of the scene was like on Punk Island. I had heard tell there were 18 stages. And I had only found one! But then I saw this guy:

Oh, sorry. I mean this guy.

But he really reminded me of Captain Morgan fun on this dry drunk Punk Island. He's Jonee Earthquakes (pron. johnny) from New Hampshire. I wasn't sure if he was doing 'revolutionary war hero' or pirate, but he was pirate enough to make me want to stay. This is what good pirate fashion can do. He sang songs called "DIY or Die" "Fuck the Promoters"(I think) and "Playing with Fire"

I don't know why I didn't get video of them. Probably because I was asking the guy from the Arkhams where he got his fuckin' sandwich. Here are The Jonee Earthquake Band at Artspace in Massachusetts, doing "The Ballad of GG" GG Allin will become important in later posts.

Here is a pirate fashion-don't:

But for a hand-made pirate hat, it was pretty good. His band was The Thirsty Pirates. He sings stuff like "My Parrot Is Drunk." I'm not going to lie to you. I was horny that day, so looks did count in this list of the only good bands I saw on Punk Island. There were probably many good bands I didn't see.

OK. Just in case you are into silly pirates, and you know, he does something for you, here is Captain Ronzo and the Thirsty Pirates covering Little Saint Nick by the Beach Boys. Really silly. I found his singing in the shower series of videos so unbearably silly, I couldn't post them.

I guess it's all about your taste in pirates.

If you want more authentic punk piracy, visit:

For silliness, visit:

On a sidelight, I ran up and took this picture of the sexiest blue guitar I've ever seen. I don't know if I want a latex outfit in this color, or if I want my boyfriend to wear condoms this color, but here it is:


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