Monday, June 21, 2010

PUNK ISLAND: Yummy Yummy Punk Rock Girls

Before I go into all the bands I saw on Punk Rock Island (Governor's Island, 6/20), I want to give kudos to all the punk rock girls who hung around in the hot sun with no beer, selling merch for their boyfriends' bands. These are the unsung heroes of the day!

This lady was doing merch earlier. She is The Thirsty Pirates' drummer's mom. Thanks mom!

We were pretty bored until this lady came along. You are awesome pink dog lady!

This was the only girl on grrl action I got all day.

I think we were all thankful for this fine woman by the end of the day. We needed to be reminded we weren't in a backyard in New Jersey.

So, thanks ladies, for all your hard work on a hot day. And guess what? After all this action, they had to lug all that stuff home with a bunch of hot, sweaty, smelly guys. It's a good thing they are punk rock girls.

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  1. There will be video of the lovely dancer later in the week.