Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Best From White Trash Barbecue Hicksville, NY July 11, 2010

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I found a drop of fake blood on my glasses. And gray frosting on my jeans.

I had been to the White Trash Barbecue the day and night before. Held in the parking lot and outdoor bar of the Charles Ave. Cafe in Hicksville (wit or coincidence?), this sausage-fest featured several great acts, a few fights, free barbecue (more sausage!) a mighty Aphrodite salute...and cake in the shape of a garbage can.

The first band that got my attention was the White Trash Barbecue jam band, fronted by our host, Filthy Phil and Sean Crusher, guitarist from The Crusher.

I just set the camera down and danced. No I'm not sure what the title of the song was. I am just going to call it good hardcore. With a hard driving hook and good screaming.

The Skeevotz played a nice, authentically sloppy version of the Johnny Thunders' tune "One Track Mind." They were danceable. They had personality.  I would definitely see a show if they were on the bill.


They also put down one of the fastest, funnest covers of "Suspicious Minds" ever. Here they are, er, in the light. Somewhere else.

Visit their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/theskeevotz
You can fb friend them hereMore of their music is on fb too.

The Crusher was the fastest, cleanest band of the night. They were also standup guys--they cut their set short so other bands would be able to play. And only broke out the wrestling moves when someone manhandled equipment.

I did get some video of them. I really don't like how it came out. My apologies.  Here they are at Trash Bar in 2009 doing "The Jones Crusher."

You can friend them on facebook here:

Of course the dried fake blood on my glasses was from the Afterbirth. And they kinda had to leave early because the bar owners got mad because we were experimenting with the aeronautic engineering of half-eaten cake.

Yes, they are wearing lucha libre masks, fake blood and depends. And soon, cake.

You can friend The Afterbirth here:

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