Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hope for Saturday: The Siren Music Festival (7-16-10) Youtube Preview

Real Hope For Saturday

Holy Fuck. 8pm Stillwell Stage.

Full sound and a heavy groove with electronic music and guitar. So awesome!

Harlem (from Austin) 5:30 Stillwell Stage
Twangly guitar. Happy hippie vocals. Yay!

Earl Greyhound 4:30 Stillwell Stage
Strong vocals and great arrangements. Thought was put into this!

Ponytail 330 Stillwell Stage
This band is so frantic, their show could turn into one of those 60s "happenings"

Screaming Females 2pm. Main Stage
Punk with a lot of hard edges. And a little Devo feel thrown in.

Apache Beat 130pm Stillwell Stage.
Digging the original exotic, psychedelic sound!

Headlining--Matt & Kim 
Minimalist keyboard and drum duo. 

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Power trio, who listened to Morrissey. A little.

Night Marchers.
Reminds me of West Coast Old School rap.

Surfer Blood
Descended from Nirvana, and not surf.

Cymbals Eat Guitars
Listened to a lot of Smashing Pumpkins

Bring lots of sunscreen, or perhaps an umbrella. I mean, to keep the sun off you. Last year I made the mistake of wearing a studded t-shirt and ended up with burns across my chest as the metal studs conducted the sun's heat directly to my white skin. Some people in front of me had a cooler full of booze (probably not legal) and water. I spent hours behind them in a state of envy. This year--the cooler is coming too.

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