Thursday, July 8, 2010


5. "Stay" by Maurice and the Zodiacs

Longing! Lust! Rhythm! Yes! Yes!! YES!!

4. Cobrastyle by The Teddybears STHM feat. Mad Cobra

De dang-y dang diggy diggy. Happy songs about being a bad ass cheer me up! And it has a sample of "Good Thing" by Fine Young Cannibals. I am glad that song finally went to good use.

3. "Nervous Breakdown" by Black Flag

I had to give #3 a lot of thought. For a few hours it was "Telling Them" by Social Distortion, but I have had too much experience being crazy for that to last. A know a few blues songs that could go here on merit alone, but they never became part of my soundtrack to life. I started listening to this in 1988, but I wrote my first short story about going crazy in 1985.

2. Weird Revolution by The Butthole Surfers

My manifesto. With freeky beats. Here are lyrics, because it's just too important.

The so-called weirdos in this country stand as completely freaked out by the normal man as the normal man is completely freaked out by the weird masses reaction to him.

Were true-er words ever spoken? I think not!

1. "Crazy Date" by The Senders

I got into this tune in 1994 at the Ludlow St. Cafe, and have always thought of The Senders version as having the best, sexiest groove of all songs. Ever.

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